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Our vital role

“The UK ports industry plays a fundamentally important role in the country’s economy and should be a source of great national pride. Through this partnership with CWP we hope to raise the profile of ports to communities and industry across the UK, whilst also capturing the port sector’s progress on decarbonising and realising our government’s 2050 net zero ambition”.

Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive of BPA.

Ports sit at the very core of our way of life and are our doorways to and from the world. Over 95% of all UK trade passes through our ports yet little is known about their importance and role they play in our society.

Gateways to Growth was born out of the desire to better communicate this vital contribution, along with profiling the organisations and innovations that are enabling British ports to decarbonise and transition to a cleaner future.

In partnership with CWP, the programme will be freely available online following its launch at London International Shipping Week 2021. Join in the conversation using the hashtag #Gateways2Growth

A sustainable transition to net-zero

The importance of a sustainable transition to net zero cannot be underestimated for the UK’s ports and harbours whose fortunes are so intertwined with their local communities.

A sustainable approach sits at the core of all the participant stories featured in Gateways to Growth and sends a message to communities and industries across the UK that our ports are making serious progress in realising the government’s 2050 net zero target.

In line with this, the programme website is hosted by 100% renewable energy (more info here), and we offset all unavoidable carbon based travel via certified carbon credits.

Who we are

The British Ports Association

The British Ports Association is the national membership body for ports, representing the interests of over 100 port members, who collectively own and operate more than 400 ports, terminals and port facilities.

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CWP exists to communicate solutions that empower sustainable development.